The Cookbook

The Cookbook

10 Seasons

The Cookbook is your learning spot for moves that will help you breaking down the defender and get some easy buckets. Each month Devin will add a new move that you will spend the month trying to master.

The Cookbook
  • T-Mac Jumper

    Episode 1

    This is a great iso move that has a ton of counters, which will make it very hard to guard.

  • T-Mac Jumper Part 2

    Episode 2

    Here is a slightly different way to get into the T-Mac Jumper with a different setup.

  • The Drop Hesi

    Episode 3

    This is a counter for the T-Mac Jumper that we just learned to give you another option.

  • Isaiah Thomas T-Mac Jumper

    Episode 4

    IT has his own variation on the T-Mac Jumper that I think would benefit you guys.