The Cookbook

The Cookbook

17 Seasons

The Cookbook is your learning spot for moves that will help you breaking down the defender and get some easy buckets. Each month Devin will add a new move that you will spend the month trying to master.

The Cookbook
  • The CJ Set Up

    Episode 1

    CJ McCollum is one of the most crafty guys in the league, so let's check out one of his go-to moves.

  • Raw Footage

    Episode 2

    Here's some raw footage of us working on the CJ Step Up to make sure you're doing it right!

  • CJ Set Up Film

    Episode 3

    Now that we've got the move, let's go through the situations and how he uses it to score.

  • The CJ > Push Cross Hesi

    Episode 4

    Let's breakdown one of CJ's favorite counters and see if you can add it to your bag.