The Cookbook

The Cookbook

17 Seasons

The Cookbook is your learning spot for moves that will help you breaking down the defender and get some easy buckets. Each month Devin will add a new move that you will spend the month trying to master.

The Cookbook
  • Crossover Intro

    Episode 1

    Each week we're bringing new crossover options to you guys, so you can see what works best for you.

  • LVL 1 - Push Step

    Episode 2

    We're breaking down the crossover and the first step is getting down the push step.

  • LVL 2 - Covering Distance

    Episode 3

    In order to blow by the defender, you have to cover distance fast and under control.

  • LVL 3 - The Upper Body

    Episode 4

    Dipping the shoulder and leaning in with your upper body is a great way to set up your crossover.

  • LVL 4 - Crossover Path

    Episode 5

    The path the ball travels on your cross is very important to its effectiveness.

  • LVL 5 - When to Crossover

    Episode 6

    A crossover is a counter move, but a lot of players use it as their main go to.

  • LVL 6 - Fixing Whiplash

    Episode 7

    Having an effective crossover comes with always being a threat to drive the ball.

  • LVL 7 - Stationary

    Episode 8

    Here we're working on the stationary cross, which will translate to other crossovers.

  • Bounce Drill

    Episode 9

    Here is a drill to help work on your pull up jumper.

  • Shift Cross Intro

    Episode 10

    We're bringing in the Shift Team General to teach you guys his signature crossover.

  • LVL 1 - Mix vs Shift

    Episode 11

    Mixing and shifting are two different things, so let's break them down.

  • LVL 2 - Ball Control

    Episode 12

    Here is an inside tip from the man himself, Trevor Dunbar.

  • LVL 3 - Set Ups and Blow Bys

    Episode 13

    We have to set up our defenders before we get the chance to blow by them with the cross.

  • LVL 4 - Diagonal Cross

    Episode 14

    Here is another type of crossover you can use in different situations.

  • LVL 5 - Movement

    Episode 15

    Trev helps walk us through the body movements needed to blow by a defender consistently.

  • LVL 6 - Creating Space

    Episode 16

    Creating enough space to get of a shot or blow by your defender is key to getting open looks.

  • LVL 7 - Covering Ground

    Episode 17

    We have to be able to attack off a crossover and not dance with the defender.

  • LVL 8 - Crossover Secret

    Episode 18

    This is a small detail that you can use to gain the small amount of extra space needed to score.

  • Quick Pull Ups - 1,2,3,4

    Episode 19

    Here is some footwork to get into your pull up jumper very quickly.

  • LVL 1 - Running Cross

    Episode 20

    Here is a cross that is used a lot in transition so let's break it down.

  • LVL 2 - Running Cross

    Episode 21

    Here we're working on covering ground when attacking downhill.

  • LVL 3 - Running Cross

    Episode 22

    Make sure to keep your shoulders low and cover space.

  • My Signature Cross

    Episode 23

    I'm giving you some major secrets that I've used to build my signature crossover.

  • Beginners Band Reaction

    Episode 24

    This drill helps you to get better attacking the basket through contact.