The Cookbook

The Cookbook

17 Seasons

The Cookbook is your learning spot for moves that will help you breaking down the defender and get some easy buckets. Each month Devin will add a new move that you will spend the month trying to master.

The Cookbook
  • Harden Step Intro

    Episode 1

    The Harden Step is a deadly move used by one of the game's best scorers.

  • Harden Step LVL 1

    Episode 2

    Let's go through the basics of the Harden Step and take the first step in adding it to your bag.

  • Harden Step LVL 2

    Episode 3

    Here we're going to add the hop into the beginning to set up the move while still moving forward.

  • Harden Step LVL 3

    Episode 4

    We're connecting the first two moves in this level to get the basics down.

  • Harden Step LVL 4

    Episode 5

    Now let's work on the adding a dribble jab to the Harden Step that we've already learned.

  • Harden Step LVL 5

    Episode 6

    Let's focus on slamming the ball to the ground and stepping out to the side.

  • Harden Step LVL 6

    Episode 7

    Now let's talk about when to do the Harden Step situationally.

  • Shooting LVL1

    Episode 8

    We're working on the basics of shooting to build up your shot to shoot consistently.

  • Shooting LVL 2

    Episode 9

    Here we're continuing to build on level one and adding the second hand in.

  • Harden Step Combos LVL 1

    Episode 10

    Let's start with breaking down the Harden Step and the basic steps.

  • Harden Step Combos LVL 2

    Episode 11

    This is a move that can work on any defender, but you have to know how to use it.

  • Harden Step Combos LVL 3

    Episode 12

    Shifting your weight slightly is a great way to get the defender off balance and vulnerable.

  • Harden Step Combos LVL 4

    Episode 13

    Being able to get the ball between your leg on this combo adds another counter to your bag.

  • Harden Step Combos LVL 5

    Episode 14

    Let's wrap up the Harden Step Combos by getting creative with our counters.

  • Chair Shooting

    Episode 15

    Chair shooting is a good way to work on getting good arc on your jumpshot.

  • Harden > Jumper

    Episode 16

    This is a key to the Harden Step and makes you twice as hard to guard for the defender.

  • BTL > Harden

    Episode 17

    Here's another addition you can use in your Harden step to be more unpredictable.

  • BTL > Harden > Jumper

    Episode 18

    Let's keep connecting all these moves together and add some deadly combos to your bag.

  • BTL > Harden > Cross

    Episode 19

    This is a tough move that can be used in transition and in the half court set.