The Cookbook

The Cookbook

The Cookbook is your learning spot for moves that will help you breaking down the defender and get some easy buckets. Each month Devin will add a new move that you will spend the month trying to master.

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The Cookbook
  • Deron Williams Crossover

    Deron Williams had one of the nastiest crossover in the NBA at his prime, and just to prove it, here's the evidence.

  • Pump Fake- Intro

    The pump fake is one of the most lethal moves in basketball and you need to have it in your bag.

  • Pump Fake- Part 1

    The key to a good pump fake is making it look identical to your shooting motion.

  • Pump Fake- Part 2

    This tip might be a bit tricky, but if you get it, it will make your pump fake even more effective.