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Calf Strength & Mobility - Beginner Part 1

Bulletproof Your Body • 1m 49s

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  • Calf Strength & Mobility - Beginner P...

    *If you do not have a tennis ball at home, you can roll up a thick towel and squeeze it as a replacement when you're doing this exercise.

    1. Ball Squeeze Calf Raise - Knees Straight
    -Place the tennis ball in between your ankles, maintaining pressure on it at all times
    -Keep BOTH knees straight, ...

  • Calf Strength & Mobility - Intermediate

    1. Wall Squat Heel Raise
    -Get positioned into a wall squat against a wall - feet shoulder width apart, toes pointing forward.
    -Make sure your back is flat against the wall at all times
    -Slowly lower yourself into a wall squat - try to lower yourself so your thighs are parallel to the floor

  • Ankle Strength Level 1 - Part 1

    1. Ankle Eccentric Eversion
    -Find a chair, and get a band. Loop the band around the balls of your feet
    -Take a step out to the side to create tension in the band
    -Keeping your heels on the ground, slowly rotate one foot inwards towards the other foot. The other leg should not move at all.
    -Keep y...