Strength and Conditioning

Strength and Conditioning

3 Seasons

In this section, Devin will walk you through the best ways to keep your body in the best physical shape to be the most effective athlete. Basketball is a full contact sport, so you have to be ready to hit back.

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Strength and Conditioning
  • Curls

    Episode 1

    In the Academy we're working on total body fitness, so let's get to work!

  • Archers

    Episode 2

    Here's another workout to strengthen your triceps!

  • Band Pull Apart

    Episode 3

    Now we're doing the band pull to work on our back and lats!

  • Deadlift X Rows

    Episode 4

    Here are two workouts you can do together to work on your back and leg muscles.

  • Seated Rows

    Episode 5

    Here we're doing some seated rows to work your lats. Make sure your going hard!

  • Shoulder Press

    Episode 6

    Now let's work on your shoulder muscles. This one will definitely help with your shot!

  • Standing Rows

    Episode 7

    Here's another variation on the rows that we've been doing to help strengthen the upper body.