6 Seasons

In this section Devin has broken down the basic skills you need to become a confident and effective basketball player into six categories. Shooting, Passing, Dribbling, Defense, Triple Threat, and Finishing. In each category, Devin will walk you through what it takes to master each of these skills and add them to your game.

  • Wall Crawl: Intro

    Episode 1

    These inside hand finishes are something every great finisher has in their bag.

  • Wall Crawl: Part 1

    Episode 2

    Controlling the basketball and putting just the right amount of spin on the ball is the best way to level up your finishing skills. Devin walks through how he first learned about the wall crawlers.

  • Wall Crawl: Part 2

    Episode 3

    Devin walks through the next step on how he learned and mastered the wall crawlers. You'll need two cones, a basketball, and an open space for this one.

  • Wall Crawl: Part 3

    Episode 4

    This one may be a little unconventional but I promise you it works. If you don't have something to spin the ball around, then just pick a spot on a higher up wall and use that.

  • Wall Crawl: Part 4

    Episode 5

    Now we're on the basketball court with a drill that every hooper has done before, the Mikan drill. This is where you can get the touch of spinning the ball off the backboard and really get a feel for how the ball catches and dives into the basket.

  • Wall Crawl: Part 5

    Episode 6

    We're adding a little twist on the Mikan Drill now by jumping and hanging to simulate a game situation. Devin talks about the reps it takes to get comfortable with this finish, especially on a goal with a small backboard.

  • Wall Crawl: Part 6

    Episode 7

    Using the rim as protection and attacking at certain angles are both ways that you can get better opportunities to finish with the inside hand. Devin tops off the series with some gems on the situations to use an inside hand finish in.

  • Lob Drill Part 1

    Episode 8

    The Lob Drill is a fun drill that also helps to seriously improve your finishing around the basket.

  • Lob Drill Part 2

    Episode 9

    Here's another variation of the lob drill that focuses more on the windmill layup.

  • Lob Drill Part 3

    Episode 10

    Now we're switching it up and focusing on the inside hand finishes and wall crawlers.

  • Lob Drill Part 4

    Episode 11

    This time we're going to test your creativity to allow you to use all the finishes we've worked on.

  • Lob Drill Part 5

    Episode 12

    So this is a tough one because we're only using one hand to control the ball.

  • Intro to Runners

    Episode 13

    The runner is a great move that you can use when attacking at the basket full speed.

  • Up the Line Runners

    Episode 14

    This is a variation of a runner that you can use to shoot up and over a taller defender.

  • Up the Line Part 2

    Episode 15

    This one is the same as part 1 but we're attacking from a different angle coming from the wing.

  • Nash Runners

    Episode 16

    The footwork to this one is a bit different and it may take a little getting use to.

  • Film Study - Runners

    Episode 17

    Now that you've worked through the other videos, let's break down some film on the runners.