6 Seasons

In this section Devin has broken down the basic skills you need to become a confident and effective basketball player into six categories. Shooting, Passing, Dribbling, Defense, Triple Threat, and Finishing. In each category, Devin will walk you through what it takes to master each of these skills and add them to your game.

  • Key Closeout

    Episode 1

    This drill is a great way to improve your foot speed as well as positioning on your closeout.

  • Diamond Slides

    Episode 2

    Here's another great drill to improve your defensive mobility and speed.

  • Basics on Defense

    Episode 3

    Taking the first step towards being a great defender starts with mastering the basics.

  • Shading the Defense

    Episode 4

    Shading the defense is all about forcing your opponent to go where you want them to go.