6 Seasons

In this section Devin has broken down the basic skills you need to become a confident and effective basketball player into six categories. Shooting, Passing, Dribbling, Defense, Triple Threat, and Finishing. In each category, Devin will walk you through what it takes to master each of these skills and add them to your game.

  • Dribbling 101: 2 Ball Intro

    Episode 1

    Two ball dribbling drills are some of the most basic and most effective drills to become a better ball handler, and in tern, a more confident player. Devin walks us through a few drills that you should do at the beginning of every workout.

  • Dribbling 101: 2 Ball Part 1

    Episode 2

    Two ball dribbling drills have proven the test of time and are still a great way to get a better feel for the basketball and improve your handle. Devin gives you a few easy two ball drills that you can do at home or on a court.

  • Hand Speed Drill #1

    Episode 3

    Working on your had speed is a great way to get a better handle and better reaction time.

  • Hand Speed Drill #2

    Episode 4

    We're still working on our hand speed to boost your reaction time, so go hard on this one.

  • Hand Speed Drill #3

    Episode 5

    Let's finish strong with this last drill! GO HARD every time!

  • Continuous Wrap Drill

    Episode 6

    Here is a drill you can do by yourself to help work on your wrap dribble moves.

  • Quick Pickups

    Episode 7

    Picking the ball up clean after a quick move and get a shot up fast is key to having a nice pullup.

  • Protecting the Ball

    Episode 8

    Protecting the basketball with your off hand or body is a necessity for any point guard.