8 Seasons

In this section Devin has broken down the basic skills you need to become a confident and effective basketball player into six categories. Shooting, Passing, Dribbling, Defense, Triple Threat, and Finishing. In each category, Devin will walk you through what it takes to master each of these skills and add them to your game.

  • Shooting 101: Intro

    Introducing "Shooting 101!" In this mini series Devin will walk you through the basics to shooting the basketball consistently, as well as some of the smaller details and tricks that he has picked up through the years!

  • Shooting 101: The Base

    A jumpshot is like a fingerprint, everyone's is different, but there are some basics that every great shooter has to have. Devin walks through the basics of a great shooting form, starting from the ground up...literally.

  • Shooting 101: The Shooting Hand

    The hands are on of the most important parts of a jumpshot. You can be doing everything else right, but if your hand placement and positioning aren't consistent, then you won't be either. Devin walks through the fundamentals of shooting, then gives some tips on what works best for him!

  • Shooting 101: One vs Two Motion Shooting

    One and Two Motion shooters dominate the NBA today, but when it comes to your own shot, it's whatever works best. Devin goes through why he prefers and teaches Two Motion shooting.

  • Shooting 101: The Form

    Just like everything you do, the key to getting a great and consistent jumpshot is repetition. Devin walks though the best way to tune your jumpshot and change your bad habits for the future.

  • Shooting 101: The Guide Hand

    Keeping your guide hand in the right position is very important to shooting the basketball consistently, but just like your jump shot everyone does it a little different. Devin goes over what works best for him, and the basics of the guide hand!

  • Shooting 101: The Touch

    Rotation on the ball, through flicking your wrist is a key decider on how much touch the ball has when it comes off the rim. There can't be too much, and there can't be too little. Devin shows us the best way gain a good touch around the basket and add some arc to your shot!

  • Shooting 101: The Wrist

    Developing a stronger wrist through reps helps to extend your range and give the ball a softer touch around the rim. Devin walks through how to strengthen the wrist and add more arc to your shots, both around the rim and beyond the arc!

  • Shooting 101: Fine Tuning Your Shot

    Like we have said before, balance, and repetition are two of the most important progression steps to becoming a great shooter. Devin shows one of the crucial steps in the process that he has used to train record breaking shooters!

  • Shooters Flexibility

    Having flexible hands and wrists is just like any other flexibility in the body. It will help safe guard from injury as well as give you better range of motion in your fingers and wrists.

  • Loading the Ball

    Loading the basketball correctly is important to keeping your shot centered and having good rotation

  • Shooting Drill - Touch Reaction

    Keeping your shot centered and loading the ball in the same spot each time is a key to consistency.

  • Stepping into the Shot

    Stepping into your shot requires balance but gives you the ability to hit a shot on the run.

  • Stepping into the Shot- Part 2

    Now we're putting in the reps, but make sure you do all the little things and elevate on your shot.

  • Timing the Release- Part 2

    Having a good timing on your release is key to getting the best elevation and arc on your shot.

  • Duncan Robinson Shooting Drill

    Duncan Robinson is great at getting his shot up fast and has exceptional footwork.

  • 2 Minute Shooting Drill

    Here's an easy to do, 2 minute shooting drill that will test your consistency as a shooter.

  • Continuous Snake Drill

    Here's a shooting drill to focus on. We're getting up a lot of reps so take a break if you need it!

  • The Kesar Shooting Drill

    This drill tests both your shooting consistency as well as your mental toughness.

  • C - Pull Ups

    This drill forces you to get low and rise up on your jumpshot to not waste dribbles.

  • Jump Stop Jumpers

    The more ways you are comfortable getting into your jumpshot, the more dangerous you are.

  • Jump Stopping Into The Jumper - Part 2

    This move allows you to transition into getting your shoulders square and into your shot even faster

  • Covering Ground Into Jumpers by Hand Offs

    This is just another way to attack into your jumpshot off a hand off.

  • Shooting On Balance - Warm Up