In this section, Devin walks through all the ways to keep your body up and running, even under the stress of a max workout schedule. Keeping your body at peak performance capability is important, so take this section seriously.

  • Recovery: Intro

    Keeping your body as healthy as possible is the most important thing to any complete athlete.

  • Dorsiflexion

    Dorsiflexion is an easy way to strengthen your knees and help to treat knee pain and tendonitis. Devin talks about how this has helped him fight knee pain and tendonitis, and now he's sharing it with you.

  • Hip Exercise Part 1

    Having strong hip muscles are very important for flexibility and balance. The more flexible you can be, the less likely you are to tear or pull a muscle. Devin demonstrates a great exercise that you can do at home to strengthen your hips and become a more durable athlete.

  • Hip Exercise Part 2

    By simply switching the positioning of the band, you can work out the muscle in a completely different way. It's an easy adjustment, but paired with Hip Exercise Part 1, it makes all the difference.

  • Hip Flexor Exercise Part 1

    Your hip flexors are very important in in explosive movements like running, jumping, and sliding. All these are movements that we use regularly on the basketball court and make us better overall athletes. Devin demonstrates this workout that you can do at home.

  • Rolling out the bottom of the foot

    A few times a week is all you need. Grab a golf ball or lacrosse ball and roll out the bottom of your foot. Prevent Plantar Fascia and other injuries by staying consistent.

  • Biking

    Biking is a slept on method of recovery and it definitely helped with my knee pain.

  • The Theragun

    The Theragun is a great tool for recovery if you have one but don't stress it if you don't!

  • ABS Pipe Roll Out

    This is the alternative to the Theragun alternative but also has benefits of it's own!

  • Wall Sits

    This is a classic drill that we can use to help strengthen your quads.