The Rocker Step

The Rocker Step

The Rocker Step is an advanced move that every great hooper has in their bag. In this section, Devin will walk you through the basics of this move, and give you some of the more advanced tips that you can use to blow by your defenders like they were standing still.

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The Rocker Step

12 Videos

  • Progression

    Progression is about taking your time and making sure you are putting in the work to get better.

  • Proper Planning

    Planning out your workouts is the best way to keep yourself accountable.

  • Triple Threat

    The Triple Threat is a foundation of basketball, so let's break it down.

  • Jab Step

    The jab step is a foundational move for the Rocker Step, so let's make sure we get it right!

  • Step Through

    The Step Through is a move you can use to get around the defender without using multiple dribbles!

  • The Rocker Step

    The Rocker Step is a deadly move that will help you leave your defender in the dust.

  • Live Footage

    Here's some live footage of multiple different variations for some of the moves we've gone through!

  • Game Footage

    Here is some game footage to use as an example for the Rocker Step.

  • Shooting

    Being able to shoot the ball will completely open up your game, so let's get our reps in.

  • Rocker Step 2.0

    Now that you've got the Rocker Step down, let's go into version 2.0!

  • The Off Arm

    The Off Arm is a small addition you can use to make your step through even more effective.