Sub Zero Hesi

Sub Zero Hesi

The Sub Zero Hesi is one of Dev's signature moves and one that will have you blowing by defenders like you never have before.

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Sub Zero Hesi

18 Videos

  • Sub Zero Film

    Now that you've learned the move, here's some film to help you perfect it.

  • Sub Zero Part 1

    I'm sharing my favorite move with you. Try to keep up.

  • Sub Zero Part 2

    Just like any great move, the footwork is key to selling the fake.

  • Sub Zero Part 3

    Now that you have the dribble and the footwork down, let's talk about the setup.

  • Sub Zero Part 4

    Let's do a couple of drills to make your Sub Zero Hesi more effective and your handle stronger.

  • Sub Zero Sand Workout

    The best way to work on your first step is to get in the sand, and this drill will definitely help.

  • Part 2 Intro

    Introducing part 2 of the Sub Zero Hesi series! Let's get to work!

  • Delayed Step Back

    I love watching Chris Paul do this move, so let's break it down and add it to your bag.

  • The Segu

    This one is probably different than anything you've done before, but it's deadly if you get it down.

  • Segu Reaction Drill

    Here we're back talking about reading and reacting to your defender. Let's get to work!

  • Segu Counters

    For every great "go-to" move, you have to have counters to keep your defenders guessing.

  • Pull Up Hesi Intro

    Here we're going over the basics of a 1 dribble pull up hesi. Focus on the footwork first!

  • Pull Up Hesi Reaction Drill

    To master this move, you have to be able to react to what the defender does.

  • The "Chuck" Hesi

    This one is a little different so make sure you are paying attention to the fine details.

  • Diagonal Step Back

    This move is a variation on what you've already learned, so it should be an easy pickup!

  • Hanging Step Back

    This move has a ton of different options to score, but you have to sell the fake first!

  • Step Back Hesi (Running)

    This is a move that would be way more effective on the run but it has to be quick.

  • Shooting Drill

    Here is a shooting drill to help you get in some reps for the moves we've learned.