Player Packages

Player Packages

3 Seasons

Every month Devin will be picking a player and breaking down what they do and don't do well. By picking apart their favorite moves tendencies and even their weaknesses, you will be able to add some of their skills to your game.

Player Packages
  • Defense

    Episode 1

    John Wall is one of the best defensive point guards in the NBA when he's healthy. His speed matched with long arms, and great instincts makes him a nightmare to offenses. Devin breaks down what makes John Wall such a defensive threat and the ways you can add some of his tricks to your game!

  • Pick and Roll

    Episode 2

    John Wall is a master at running the pick and roll, and it's a huge part of his offensive output. He uses his speed to attack the big men when they step up and is quick enough to pull up when they sag off. Devin breaks down why Wall is so dangerous and some of the specific ways he scores so con...

  • Transition

    Episode 3

    John Wall is arguably most effective in transition on the fast break. He is a master at finishing above the rim and pulling up for the smooth jumper when the defense is in retreat. Devin goes over some of the situations where Wall is most effective and ways you can be a threat in transition.

  • Isolation

    Episode 4

    From the lazy between-the-legs move or the deceptive push cross, into the hop jumper or blow-by. John Wall doesn't have the wide range of moves that some other great iso players have in the NBA today, but he does have a few favorites that make him a constant threat.

  • Passing

    Episode 5

    Being a good all around passer is key for a point guard and is very underrated in today's game. This sometimes means just making the easy pass in transition or around the perimeter. John Wall is very good at making the both the easy pass when needed and the pass that no one sees coming to give ...

  • Weaknesses

    Episode 6

    John Wall is not known for his three point jumper, but that is a skill that can most definitely be learned over time. He also covers up the inconsistent jumper by being a very above average finisher around the rim.