New Releases

  • Introduction to Foot & Ankle Series

    We're kicking things off by focusing on building the foundation of your body, the feet, and ankles.

    Be sure to watch this introduction video to see what we will cover throughout the entire series.

    We will build the feet and ankle first and then move up the body, but the key is to first build a...

  • Arch Series - Starter

    This is the breakdown of the exercises, follow these and do 3 sets of 10 for EACH. Let's get stronger together.

    1. Seated Toe Spreading
    -Spread toes apart from each other as far as you can, then relax
    -Spread, hold for few seconds, relax

    2. Seated Towel Curls
    -Keep your heel on the ground at a...

  • Arch Series - Intermediate

    Master the beginner exercises FIRST before attempting these.

    Do each of these exercises, 3 sets of 10.

    1. Toe Spreading Standing
    -Make sure your heels are on the ground the entire time
    -Spread your toes a part from each other as far as you can.

    2. Double Leg Woodpecker
    -This is a CONTROL exer...

  • Arch Series - Difficult

    Make sure you master the beginning and intermediate level exercises before progressing to these ones.

    1. Double Leg Circles
    -Shift your weight in a circle, from the left side of your feet, to the balls of your feet, to the right side of your feet, and then back into standing.
    -Go in BOTH direct...

  • Ankle Mobility Series - Starter

    We are working on improving your ankle mobility in different planes of movement, and big toe mobility to bulletproof your ankle.

    1. Ankle Dorsiflexion/Plantarflexion with Ball
    -Make sure you are in control of the ball the entire time
    -Keep your knee pointing forward and your leg still - this mov...

  • Ankle Mobility Series - Intermediate Part 1

    Make sure you have mastered the beginner level exercises before attempting these.

    1. Dorsiflexion Mobilization
    -Make sure your leg is elevated and stable on a chair/stool/step, etc.
    -Clasp your hands infront of your knee, and drive your knee SLOWLY
    -The goal is to have your knees direclty over ...

  • Ankle Mobility Series - Intermediate Part 2

    Please make sure you have mastered the beginning exercises before attempting the intermediate level exercises.

    1. Inversion with Band
    -Sit so that the band is at a 90 degrees angle to your body
    -Loop the band around the balls of your feet
    -Slowly control your foot so the sole of your foot is po...

  • Ankle Mobility Series - Difficult Part 1

    Make sure you have mastered the beginner and intermediate levels before attempting these exercises.

    1. Dorsiflexion + Inversion/Eversion
    -Make sure the movement is only coming from your ankle
    -Keep your knee and leg as still as possible
    -Progress to a harder resistance band if this is too easy ...

  • Ankle Mobility Series - Difficult Part 2

    1. Load and Shift
    -Start with hands against the wall at shoulder height
    -Slowly bend your hip, knee and ankle to "load" your leg
    -Explosively push away into the wall and reach triple extension position --> hip, knee, and big toe is extended.
    -Your heel should be slightly off the ground

  • Bump to Euro

    This is a move that I personally use a lot, so let's go over the ways to tell if this move is open.

  • Change of Speed - Lesson 1

    Change of Speed is one of the most important aspects to being hard to guard on offense.

  • Spain Pick and Roll

    A pick and roll action with a back screen on the roll man that allows for an open layup or dunk.

  • Spain Pick and Roll Pt. 2

    Part 2 of the Spain Pick and Roll breakdown focusing a lot on the screener and reversal pass.

  • Spin Seal

    The spin seal is a great move to beat the defender and get them on your hip at the same time.

  • Warm Up Handles

    These warm ups are hard, but with the right focus and attention, they will make your handle better.

  • Tighten Your Handle: Level 3

    Tightening your handle is key to being able to handle the ball in the open court or in tight spaces.

  • Neutralizing the Shot Blocker

    By initiating the contact early with the shot blocker you can limit the shot blocking opportunity.

  • Introducing Professor X

    We're excited to finally add Xavier as our official strength and conditioning coach, as well as Ambika as our physiotherapist. Stay tuned for all the videos launching this January.

  • Stephen Curry Hesi Session #1

    Curry is one of my favorite players so we're going to go over some of his favorite moves.

  • Week 10 - Wednesday Workout

    After those days of relaxing, let's dive back into this workout asap!

  • Week 10 - Monday and Tuesday Workout

    Rest is way more important than we give it credit for, so take these days off to relax and recharge.

  • Austin Rivers Stepback Film

    Here we're studying film on the Austin Rivers stepback to read the situations to use it in.

  • Austin Rivers Stepback

    This move is all about being on balance when you land so keep a wide base.

  • Down and Out > Wrap

    Here's a counter move to the down and out move we just learned.