New Releases

  • Week 6 - Monday and Friday

    We've got a pro in the Flight Club this week, so let's take this knowledge and go to the next level.

  • Week 6 - Jump Practice

    Here we're going to look at some of the best dunks ever and the footwork they use.

  • The Kesar Shooting Drill

    This drill tests both your shooting consistency as well as your mental toughness.

  • Hesi Intro

    A defender will only bite on a hesi if you are a threat to hit shots from the perimeter.

  • The Melo Hesi Film

    We're breaking down film on the Melo Hesi to breakdown some guys game situations for the move!

  • The Melo Hesi

    Here's another hesi to add to your bag from one of the goats.

  • The Strong Side Drop Hesi

    Take it one step at a time to make sure you don't skip over any of the fine details of this move.

  • The Chuck Hesi

    This is an Academy exclusive move straight from my guy Chuck.

  • Week 5 - Full Week

    We've been going hard for the past few weeks, but you have to allow your body to rest.

  • T-Mac Jumper

    This is a great iso move that has a ton of counters, which will make it very hard to guard.

  • Protecting the Ball

    Protecting the basketball with your off hand or body is a necessity for any point guard.

  • T-Mac Jumper Part 2

    Here is a slightly different way to get into the T-Mac Jumper with a different setup.

  • Quick Pickups

    Picking the ball up clean after a quick move and get a shot up fast is key to having a nice pullup.

  • The Drop Hesi

    This is a counter for the T-Mac Jumper that we just learned to give you another option.

  • The CJ > Push Cross Hesi

    Let's breakdown one of CJ's favorite counters and see if you can add it to your bag.

  • Isaiah Thomas T-Mac Jumper

    IT has his own variation on the T-Mac Jumper that I think would benefit you guys.

  • How to Strip the Ball

    Stripping the ball is very impactful mentally on how the offense shoots the ball the next time.

  • How to Build Your Workouts

    By this point we're deep enough in that you can build your own workout from the stuff we've learned.

  • The Quick Pick Up Drill

    Getting your shot up quickly while still being consistent is key to having a great pull up.

  • Crossover Intro

    Each week we're bringing new crossover options to you guys, so you can see what works best for you.

  • LVL 1 - Running Cross

    Here is a cross that is used a lot in transition so let's break it down.

  • LVL 2 - Running Cross

    Here we're working on covering ground when attacking downhill.

  • LVL 3 - Running Cross

    Make sure to keep your shoulders low and cover space.

  • LVL 1 - Push Step

    We're breaking down the crossover and the first step is getting down the push step.