9 Episodes

In order to be a great basketball player, you have to not only be physically great, but you have to be mentally great as well. A high basketball IQ separates the scholars from the scrubs on the court.

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  • The Basketball Dictionary Intro

    Episode 1

  • Baseline Drift

    Episode 2

    A pass made along the baseline towards the corner.

  • Curl
    Episode 3


    Episode 3

  • Elevator doors

    Episode 4

    A pair of screen usually set for a shooter, where the screeners allow the offensive player to cut between them, then move together, cutting off the defender.

  • Extra Pass

    Episode 5

    A pass from an open player that is made to a teammate that is even more open.

  • Flare Screen

    Episode 6

    An off-ball screen set behind or to the side of a defender that allows another offensive player to fade along the the three point line.

  • Zipper
    Episode 7


    Episode 7

    An up screen usually set around the free throw line for a guard coming from the block usually utilized on side out inbounds plays.

  • Pick and Pop

    Episode 8

    In a pick and roll situation, when the roll man relocates to set up for a jumpshot rather than rolling to the basket.

  • DHO
    Episode 9


    Episode 9

    An action where a player, usually a big, dribbles toward another player around the perimeter and hands the ball off going the opposite direction.