Dev's Top Picks

  • Progress- Episode 2

    Pooh Jeter is a basketball legend and a former pro hooper, so Devin decided to bring him in to give the guys a glimpse of what a pro hooper looks like. Also, Uriah talks about his goals and aspirations, as well as where he hopes to improve.

  • Month 1

    Every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday for month one you will do this all encompassing workout. This will focus on building strength and endurance throughout all the major muscle groups and fine tuning your skills on the court.

  • Push Cross: Step 1

    In step 1 of the push cross series we’re working on the footwork. This move is one that, when mastered, will have you blowing by defenders like they're standing still. Devin walks us through getting the footwork down first, then we'll add in the rest in the later steps.

  • Wall Crawl: Part 1

    Controlling the basketball and putting just the right amount of spin on the ball is the best way to level up your finishing skills. Devin walks through how he first learned about the wall crawlers.

  • Transition

    John Wall is arguably most effective in transition on the fast break. He is a master at finishing above the rim and pulling up for the smooth jumper when the defense is in retreat. Devin goes over some of the situations where Wall is most effective and ways you can be a threat in transition.

  • Shooting 101: The Base

    A jumpshot is like a fingerprint, everyone's is different, but there are some basics that every great shooter has to have. Devin walks through the basics of a great shooting form, starting from the ground up...literally.

  • Tighten Your Handle: Level 1

    Now that you've got a basic handle, it's time we get the ball on a string.

  • Improve Your Crossover: Level 1

    One of the most basic moves can be one of the most effective, if you do it right.


    In this installment of the Ten000Hours Series, Devin focuses on the story and progression of James Chun and his growth from being a selfish, "me first" player, into becoming a record setting shooter and leader on his high school team.

  • Passing 101: LeBron Pass

    The LeBron pass is one that is only used in certain situations and you have to learn how to do it, and the specific times to use it, in order to be effective. Devin walks through the basics of this pass and the specifics you'll use to put it in your bag.