Dev's Top Picks

  • Week 9 - Intro

    We're focusing a lot on the hip flexors in week 9, and I'm jumping into the workouts with you guys.

  • Week 9 - Monday Stretch Session

    Here's the first step in opening up your hip flexors, but make sure you're starting small.

  • Finishing Circuit

    This workout is to work on all aspects of your finishing around the basket.

  • Shooting LVL1

    We're working on the basics of shooting to build up your shot to shoot consistently.

  • Step Back Circuit

    This workout should help you to improve all of the step backs we worked on in the Cookbook.

  • Passing - Shooting Workout

    This is a great workout to get up some game shots off of a couple different looks around the court.

  • Dribbling 101: 2 Ball Intro

    Two ball dribbling drills are some of the most basic and most effective drills to become a better ball handler, and in tern, a more confident player. Devin walks us through a few drills that you should do at the beginning of every workout.