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Quick Hitter Series Pt. 3

Bulletproof Your Body • 1m 41s

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  • Ankle Strength Level 2 - Part 1

    3 Way Toe Taps

    -Loop the band around the balls of your feet
    -Slightly bend your knees, and place your feet shoulder width apart to create some tension in the band
    -Slowly move one foot out, and tap it out to the side , diagonally in front, and diagonally to the back.
    -Stay in control throughou...

  • Ankle Strength Level 2 - Part 2

    Single RDL - 3 Ways

    -Place 2 markers/cones/water bottles in front of you, diagonally on both sides
    -Find your balance on one leg
    -Hinge from your HIP, keeping your back FLAT the entire time
    -Slowly reach forward to touch one marker/cone , and come back into standing without letting your foot to...

  • Quick Hitter Series Pt. 4

    Pogo Hops - 3 Sets of 6 reps each leg. Focus on staying on the ball of the foot.
    Single Leg RDL’s - 3 sets of 6 reps. Keep a slight bend in the knee, and reach just below the knee before coming back to the start.
    Flying Shoulder Press - 3 sets of 10 reps. Squeeze the shoulder blades together &amp...