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Ankle Mobility Series - Intermediate Part 1

Bulletproof Your Body • 4m 39s

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  • Band Workout #7

    Anyone who has the official In The Lab bands, here’s a workout specifically for you! Lower body + core focused.

    Banded Squats - 3x 10 Reps
    Banded Good Mornings - 3x 10 Reps
    Davinci Planks - 3x :30 Seconds L/R
    Banded Deadbugs - 3x 7 Reps L/R

  • Ankle Mobility Series - Intermediate ...

    Please make sure you have mastered the beginning exercises before attempting the intermediate level exercises.

    1. Inversion with Band
    -Sit so that the band is at a 90 degrees angle to your body
    -Loop the band around the balls of your feet
    -Slowly control your foot so the sole of your foot is po...

  • Ankle Mobility Series - Difficult Part 1

    Make sure you have mastered the beginner and intermediate levels before attempting these exercises.

    1. Dorsiflexion + Inversion/Eversion
    -Make sure the movement is only coming from your ankle
    -Keep your knee and leg as still as possible
    -Progress to a harder resistance band if this is too easy ...