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Vertical Jump Pt.2

Bulletproof Your Body • 2m 57s

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  • Calf Strength & Mobility - Beginner P...

    *If you do not have a tennis ball at home, you can roll up a thick towel and squeeze it as a replacement when you're doing this exercise.

    1. Ball Squeeze Calf Raise - Knees Straight
    -Place the tennis ball in between your ankles, maintaining pressure on it at all times
    -Keep BOTH knees straight, ...

  • Banded Hip Warm-Up Part 2

    For those that have this mini-band, this is a great hip warm-up, but can also be a great hip workout! Part 2 of 2.

    Around The World - 2-3x 5 L/R
    Monster Walks (in Place) - 2-3x 5 L/R (Lateral + Diagonal)

  • Arch Series - Starter

    This is the breakdown of the exercises, follow these and do 3 sets of 10 for EACH. Let's get stronger together.

    1. Seated Toe Spreading
    -Spread toes apart from each other as far as you can, then relax
    -Spread, hold for few seconds, relax

    2. Seated Towel Curls
    -Keep your heel on the ground at a...