Bulletproof Your Body

Bulletproof Your Body

7 Seasons

Bulletproof Your Body
  • Vertical Jump Pt.1

    Episode 1

    Here’s a simple + quick workout to help train your vertical jump!

    Lateral Lunge Iso 3x 30-45 sec L/R
    Skater to Vert - 3x 5 Reps L/R
    SL Vert to DL Landing - 3x 5 Reps L/R

  • Vertical Jump Pt.2

    Episode 2

    Part 2 to the Vertical Jump Training Series.

    Rotational Lunges - 3x 6 Reps L/R
    1 Leg Vertical Jump 3x 4 Reps L/R
    Penultimate Jump - 3x 5 Reps L/R