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Watch this video and more on Academy

Banded Hip Warm-Up Part. 1

Bulletproof Your Body • 2m 7s

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  • Full Body Warm Up

    In order to properly train, we have to make sure we’re physically prepared first. Use this full-body warm-up before games, practices, or workouts to ensure you’re ready to perform and to help avoid injury.

  • Calf Strength & Mobility - Beginner P...

    These are beginner exercises targeting the strength and mobility of your calves and Achilles tendon.

    1. Dynamic Calf Stretch - Knee Straight
    -Keep back leg straight - this is the leg that is feeling the stretch
    -Your front leg should be slightly bent
    -Keep both heels on the ground at ALL times

  • Quick Hitter Workout Level 2

    Here's a quick 15 minute workout that can be done at home!

    If you haven’t done level 1, I highly recommend doing that workout first before attempting this workout.

    Single Leg Line Hops
    3x :30 Seconds L/R

    Rear Foot Elevated Iso Hold
    3x8 Reps L/R (4 Second)

    Elevated Glute Bridges
    3x8 Reps L/R