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Two of the top basketball minds in the world, Devin Williams & Ryan Razooky take you through custom curated skills, drills & breakdowns each month. Experience a high level of learning that improves your game on and off the court.

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Who Is Devin Williams?

Devin Williams burst onto the basketball scene when one of his training videos for a school projects accidentally went viral. The first training video inspired the second, which inspired the third, which inspired the entire Ten000hours series.

Years later, Devin is now one of the world’s most highly renowned basketball trainers. Training players at every level from youth to professional, Devin’s grasp on the core aspects of basketball set him apart from the rest. Devin differentiates himself by focusing equally on the philosophy of the game as much as the mechanics. Devin’s impact on basketball culture has transcended what it means to be a trainer in todays world.

Who Is Ryan Razooky?

Ryan's one of the fastest-growing basketball trainers on social media, and his training resume is as long as they come. Ryan has his own gym in California where he can often be found training with top high school prospects in the country and hosting camps. On top of that, he has trained thousands of players at every single level and coached alongside legendary figures in the basketball world.

Ryan's crazy high success rate comes down to his deep knowledge of the game and his coaching & training experience.

The Cookbook

Breaking down defenders isn’t about throwing down 100 dribble moves...in the Cookbook Devin teaches you how to cook any defender who steps up to guard you no matter how pesky, quick, or physical they are. No matter what type of defender you run into, the cookbook teaches you how to get to wherever you need to score from and be effective in game.

The Basketball Tree

It all starts with a solid foundation and understanding of the game of basketball. Experience, the basketball tree and improve your game in order, by following custom-curated workouts by our team of trainers.


The best part of basketball BY FAR is the culture.

That’s why inside our Academy website, we’ve built our own community of people around the world who love to hoop and are serious about getting better. Whether you want to ask a question, banter about the latest NBA games, or just meet like minded hoopers, our Community is the place for you.

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  • Hooper Mobility Program

    13 videos

    Here is a 10 week program designed to improve range of motion, stability and strength for athletes of all levels.

  • Jumpers Knee Program

    13 videos

    The Jumper’s Knee Program is designed to help athletes prevent, and heal knee pain with a progressive, 3-month exercise program to help strengthen the hips, knees, and ankles

  • The Rocker Step

    12 videos

    The Rocker Step is an advanced move that every great hooper has in their bag. In this section, Devin will walk you through the basics of this move, and give you some of the more advanced tips that you can use to blow by your defenders like they were standing still.

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